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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Over three decades of extensive experience in commercial and civil litigation.

We've represented conglomerates, airlines, banks, insurance companies, and more.

Our team has extensive experience in commercial and civil litigation spanning over three decades. We regularly represent multinationals, local companies and prominent businessmen before the Superior Courts and tribunals throughout Pakistan as well as before regulatory bodies. The spectrum of our litigation practice ranges from company law disputes, property and construction matters, constitutional petitions, administrative review, passenger liability claims, insurance claims, contractual disputes, employment law, tax and customs, family law, judicial review and claims in tort.

The litigation practice at the firm has a rich history and is well respected in the Superior Courts of Pakistan. Senior Partners, Mr. Zahid Ebrahim and Mr. Ahmad Hosain have both been appointed as the Additional Attorney General of Pakistan. Former Associates of the firm have also previously been elevated to the High Court Bench. We have long represented and continue to represent leading conglomerates, airlines, banks, construction companies and insurance companies in the Superior Courts. Lawyers from the firm are regularly featured as leading individuals in the dispute resolution category in legal publications such as Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. Clyde & Co also engage lawyers at the Firm on a regular basis to represent its clients throughout Pakistan.


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